[cPanel] Monitor FTP connections

Monitor visitors that are logged into your site through FTP. Terminate FTP connections to prevent file access by unwarranted users.


View current FTP sessions

  1. Login to your cPanel dashboard. (Can be accessed through *yourdomain*/cpanel)
  2. Under "FILES" tab, click on "FTP Connections".

The interface includes the following information about connections to your FTP server:

User The username for the authenticated FTP account. user
Logged in From The host through which the user connected to your FTP server. ns1.example.com
Login Time The FTP session's start time and date. Fri Jul 19 13:19:20 2013
Status The FTP session's status. IDLE
Disconnect Allows you to disconnect the FTP session. Disconnect
Process ID The FTP session's process ID. 13926 


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